Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.”   Romans 10:17

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In His Hands book by Iva Choice Christian Author


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     In His Hands is NOT perfect, but it has HEART!


May God bless this book and those that take it in!

Iva Choice


*For more information about abuse and how to help or get help
click HERE.

In His Hands
the unseen battles of domestic violence

     Due to the prodding of my twin sister, I will reveal to you the awe in which God created this book. It was all done by people willing to share their gifts to help the abused, victimized, and helpless.

     “And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matthew 25:40 KJV

          I came across a first time author’s writing contest by Deep River Books. I dismissed it, but the Holy Spirit did not. Constantly He reminded me of the contest and my mind began to work it over. I read advice to write about what I know, write about something I am passionate about. I knew exactly what He wanted me to write. With a sigh, I called my twin and told her about the contest. Then I asked her, “Do you think I could write a novel in three weeks?”
          Her answer was simple and confirming, “Yes, I do.”
          From then on, I was a writing addict. I kept my focus on my goals and I wrote from my experiences and my heart. With only a day to spare, we read over the compilation and sent off a fiction novel we felt was full of action, wisdom, affirmation and how we imagine colorful characters that influence our world.
          I have to admit-my twin could attest-we were quite embarrassed by what we had sent to a national writing contest when we finally got some rest and looked at it with fresh eyes. I remember saying to her, “If the spelling errors don’t get us knocked out then it’ll be the grammar. If they are kind enough to overlook the grammar, it’ll be the inconsistency. If they can overlook that it’ll be a miracle!” We laughed and she encouraged me that we did our best by following through with what the Holy Spirit nudged us to do and that alone was worth the time and effort.
          I cannot express to you the shock I was in when I received notice that we had made it to the finals! If that was not a miracle enough, I then received a certificate of excellence for making it to the top seven! We knew then that God had a plan for this book. After much prayer, and no funds, we decided to rely on Him and work towards getting it published. Remarkably, God brought professional people forward to offer their opinions and expertise, not wanting praise or compensation. My, how God provides! By faith, I know this book will help families of domestic violence across the nation!
          Now, here I am, after writing and re-reading these words of healing, I see how many people have given to me and my girls to make this book a vessel of confirmation, love, understanding, and support to be available for others that need it. When I wrote this, my prayer was on these goals: Let the abused know You are with them, Lord! Let their loved ones be empowered to understand and help without hurting them more! Teach the readers empathy and wisdom as they are motivated to get involved according to Your leading and the gifts You have given! More than anything let this book point to how great Your love is for ALL!

“Let us not become weary of doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galations 6:9 NIV



Redemption Island - Trilogy
    Ah, the much desired trilogy of those fortunate to have gotten to read it! This story was a gift from God. For eleven years I had the same dream about a woman Missionary who is mistakenly taken as a Holy One by the natives of a remote island. It has taken me years to write it down, but has been well worth the effort. I cannot wait for the chance to get it published!

     What is the problem? First, I am not an established author. Second, it is a trilogy. Third, we are in a depressed economy that is not interested in taking on new authors and difficult to get one manuscript before an agent's eyes much less three. So, again, it is "In His Hands" (a good plug for the other book).

     I have done all that I can do for now. I know God has a plan for it or He would not have given it to me to share. Therefore, I put my faith in Him and wait...


Children News
"I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it." Mark 10:15

Available for

> Free Electronic Version

The ABC Prayer
Steps to help children understand the need for salvation.

     How did this one come about? My twin was driving and praying that God would show her how to prepare her children to understand the gospel and to be ready to make the decision when they were able. A song came to her so powerfully that she pulled over to the side of the highway and wrote it out on a scrap envelope. The book slowly took shape from the children's questions. The song and book mark is included in the book and has become the centerpiece of her church's children's program! 

     This little book has been a powerful source for helping children understand the salvation message. Both my daughters were taught in this way and they came to know Jesus as their own personal Savior at the tender ages of five and six. Their cousins were three and five when they accepted the free gift!

     Some would argue that they were too young to really have an understanding of the decision they were making. I would respond by challenging them to first read this book and then pray that God would show the fruit of the Spirit in their children after they make the decision and see how God can use even little children to send out seeds of hope to those around them! I can share story after story of how my children have proven their decision and they are now teenagers, still in the Word daily and still ministering as God leads. We have shared this book in Sunday School, Children's Church and even on a playground and God has shown His ability to reveal Truth to anyone! Not once have we asked for a decision, yet their hunger was evident in their many questions and desire to know Jesus more, asking for salvation.

     As Adrian Rogers so nicely put it, the Word of God is shallow enough for a child to safely play in and deep enough for scholars to dive and never reach the bottom!

     This book and the bookmarks are free of charge in digital format. If we had a book format, we would give it away, too!




















































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