"Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial,
because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life
that God has promised to those who love Him." James 1:12

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Where I've Been

     I was born three minutes after my identical twin in MO in the early 1970's. My growing years were wonderful in a Christian loving family of six, my father being the only male. I have never known what it would be like to be without someone by my side. Likewise, I have never known what it would be like to be without the hope Jesus gives.

     My parents were great role models of faith showing a close relationship with God through consistent prayer and Bible time, stewardship to the church, and ministry. At the age of seven, I felt the pull of the Holy Spirit to devote my life to God. I admitted I was not perfect and since I believed that Jesus came to this world to die innocent on a cross  for my salvation, I accepted that gift and from then on living for Him became my passion.

My Trials

     Trials are very different than consequences. I believe each person's trial stretches them in specific ways. Some require more than others, only God can answer why. For whatever reason, God has deemed for me to survive abuse. Though difficult to bare, I always kept my eyes on the lighthouse during my storms. Only He could understand me completely. He knew my fears. He collected my tears. He guided me through each one, nurturing me for His good will. Through it all, I have learned the mercy of forgiveness, the comfort of God in the midst of chaos, the security of being His, and that everything and everyone bends to His will.

My Blessings

     In my heart I want to give Jesus everything. I am overflowing with gratefulness. There is so much for which I am thankful! I can look around me and not only say that God has supplied me with excellent kindness, but that He cared enough to gift me according to my desires. I have wonderful Christian friends, a Christ centered church family, and two wonderful daughters. Since they have accepted the gift Jesus gives to all who ask, I feel more than successful in this life. He is a Creator that enjoys our delights!

My Hope

     How can I express the joy I have in the HOPE that God has so graciously given me? Without it I could not have come out of the trials I have been through or see the blessings He has so kindly given me and others. Through it all, my passion for Him has grown. Many times throughout my days I am reminded of how good He is to me, to those around me, to those I do not even know. I pray "without ceasing" and find comfort in His truth. While I am here, I strive to know Him better through prayer, the Bible, and ministry. Someday, my hope will be complete when I hear Him say, "Welcome, good and faithful servant." We'll do our secret handshake and I'll lay my all before His feet. What a day that will be!















































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